RWE Box iData is a Mobile Solution to Capture Real-time Patient Data

RWE Box iData collects patient self reported data and integrates them with their clinical study data. It helps patients and sponsors to support a robust clinical study outcome.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Using RWE Box iData for Clinical Trials

Data Safety

Reduces clinical trial risk by capturing more patient data on devices. This mitigates regulatory risk, patient compliance, and adverse events.

Maximize Efficiency

Accelerates timelines by reducing manual data entry and data clean up. Real-time data provides faster insights and less statistical variance.

Optimizized Data

Helps senior management make better, faster decisions by giving them real-time data and alerts to alleviate trial issues.

Cost Reduction

Lowers costs of clinical trial from paper resources, personnel costs, lab costs, and more.

ePRO Automation Improves Efficiency and Decreases Mistakes of Manual Processes

  • Collects information via smartphone that is automatically integrated into other clinical data
  • Integrates real-time, leading to faster insights and decision making
  • Enables instant alerts from trial site to patient’s ePro device, improving patient retention Increases efficiency and reduces costs

User Interface

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Both native app and web app link are available. Native apps are available for download through the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once you download a native app, you can open it directly from your device. Web app will open and run in your device’s browser.